" When we make a practice of caring for ourselves, we feel not only more clarity, but more powerful and authentic."


Do you know what's holding you back?

  • Do you know what’s getting in the way of your power, having clarity and experiencing happiness? 
  • Are you a high achiever who focuses on everyone else, but not enough on yourself?
  • Did you know many of us give away our power only to feel unclear, frustrated and unsure how to  move forward? 
  • Would you like to own your power but fear being misunderstood and judged?

But where do I start?

Me First Now begins with an intuitive energy scan. This reading can be done over the phone to understand your energy field and the resonance of your chakras.

Our goal from this energy scan is to provide clarity and identify your Unique Strengths, Talents and Potential.

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Client Testimonial

I had the pleasure of having Donna Hall do my Chakra Scan earlier this year.  Not knowing what to expect, she immediately made me feel at ease. . .  

-Dionne Nicholls