Steps Towards Success

Everything including your feelings, thoughts and reactions are a form of energy.

Freedom Scan

An Freedom Scan is an intuitive scan of what's going on with your Chakras and Energies. It can show areas where you have constrictive energy that could be interfering with your work life & personal life.

Our goal from this freedom scan is to give clarity and identify your Unique Strengths, Talents and Motivations behind your reactions.

Breakthrough Sessions

This session is designed for you to "Bump into Yourself" by breaking through your barriers, claiming your power and creating a plan to move forward.

Our path Together will take a deep dive into targeted coaching as we develop clarity and strength together as a foundation for you to break free from feeling Powerless. We will embrace the power within yourself and learn how to create a fulfilled and happy life that will see you achieving your full potential.


Coaching and healing

The Me First Now coaching program supports developmental, behavioral and performance goals set by you.

This is designed, each time, to suit your unique needs. Donna helps people get clear on what matters to them most professionally and personallybuild new businesses, and resolve conflicts through learning to embrace your power.


The Complete Package

  • Six, nine or twelve month program
  • Discovery strategy session
  • Coaching objectives with targeted metrics for success
  • weekly/biweekly coaching
  • Just Call Me - complimentary phone calls
  • Meetings can be in person, via phone, via Skype and/or Zoom

What Is Energy Healing?


Have you ever stood close to someone in an elevator and sensed he/she was going through something - Whether it be life stresses, emotional barriers or a physical roadblock in their life?

As time went on you couldn't help but draw a connection when they admitted to you that they were feeling exactly the way that you sensed they were? If so, then you intuitively picked up the person's energy. We all have the capacity to be intuitive and when you develop your intuition you are able to pick up on energy waves.


When you feel Pure joy you are experiencing an expansive energy. When you set your intentions or make decisions from this type of energy you will experience ease, fulfillment and success. 

Conversely, restrictive energy is any energy that leaves you feeling stuck, angry, sad, etc. This type of energy robs you from living a life of ease. It keeps you locked in a dramatic story of the past problems without clear solutions.

Intuitive Healing is an approach to working with your energy to move it through your body to release feelings of anxiety, perceived barriers and a sense of being overwhelmed. Energy healing allows you to break free from barriers, get your energy moving and become clear quickly about what is holding you back from stepping into your power and reaching your full potential.

Find Your Clarity

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