Those who took the dive into putting Me First Now.

Shani Henry

My first scan with Donna hit right on point with so many things that were going on with me at the time that I couldn’t deny that she was amazing at what she does! When I finally made the decision to start coaching sessions, I would never have believed with her insight and guidance that I would be where I am. After just under a year of coaching I am in a better place in many of my relationships and I’ve grown and focused more on me than I ever had in the past. Her honesty, sincerity and openness always made me feel comfortable to delve deeper, I can truly say only wonderful things about my experience and I am grateful for the impact our work together has had on me!

Asha Lapps

I’ve always been skeptical whenever hearing of anything to do with “energy” work, but when a close friend recommended Donna I decided to give it a try. After feeling comfortable in my initial scan, I signed on for the program.
I liked that Donna was able to pinpoint where my blocks were so that we could focus on the right things. We worked through some family stuff and I felt especially that culturally, she really understood my family dynamics, which I have felt uncomfortable in opening up to other professionals in the past.
My biggest transformation was working through really bad anxiety. Donna recommended the tool of meditation, which I didn’t listen to at first, but once I committed to it regularly, I became a different person. Calm on the inside and not so afraid that life would blindside me in some way or another. I now feel confident that I can handle anything that may come my way.
Thanks Donna for your compassion and for reminding me of who I already am. I highly recommend you!

Glenda Johnson

I recieved a Chakra scan from Donna Hall in April 2017. I was amazed by the depth of the reading. It gave me insight into some issues I needed to work on as well as encouragement to continue on my chosen path. She even picked up on some things from my childhood. I would definately recommend getting a Chakra scan from her. But I would also say, record it, because it’s hard to write down everything that comes through.

Dionne Nicholls

I had the pleasure of having Donna Hall do my Chakra Scan earlier this year.  Not knowing what to expect, she immediately made me feel at ease.  It was a combination of her soothing voice and soft, nurturing nature that allowed a calm and openness wash over me instantly.  Her analysis of my scan was thorough and phenomenally accurate.  Her ability to articulate the positives in my life and the areas that required work is done in a direct and empathetic way with such professionalism that I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone they can trust with their life --their journey.  Thank you, Donna 


Thanks again for the energy scan you did for me.  It was a great experience. The messages you delivered really resonated with me. It was accurate, inspiring and informing.

Thank you for sharing your gifts and insights. I'm feeling blessed.


'I was completely blown away by Donna’s ability to specifically pinpoint precise details (details I hadn’t shared with anyone) about areas of my life that  I had been struggling with for some time.   She was able to identify which chakras were blocked and specific things in my life that were preventing me from living the fulfilled life that I was so desperately wanting.   The deep turmoil I had been feeling for months, suddenly shifted to feelings of hope and peacefulness by the end of the session. 

By sharing her gift & insights, I gained clarity and a better understanding of some of the things that were holding me back.   Donna helped me push through the shackles of self doubt, insecurity and fear, she brought clarity that continues to support my ability to see and pinpoint energy blocks that need clearing.  I am now embarking on a journey that is opening me up to a new world and awareness to create a the life that I want to experience.'